[Standards] LAST CALL: XEP-0313 (Message Archive Management)

Ruslan N. Marchenko me at ruff.mobi
Sat Nov 18 15:38:18 UTC 2017

On 05.11.2017 19:21, Ruslan N. Marchenko wrote:
> Hi,
> On 16.10.2017 20:38, Jonas Wielicki (XSF Editor) wrote:
>> 5. Is the specification accurate and clearly written?
> The first thing I stumbled upon while starting drafting implementation 
> is - empty result.
> <iq><fin/></iq>?
> <iq><fin><set/></fin></iq>?
> <iq><fin><set><count>0</count></set></fin></iq>?
> Or perhaps even <item-not-found/>?
Some more questions:
XEP states at 6.1.1
 > 'roster' - messages are archived only if the contact's bare JID is in 
the user's roster.
shouldn't it say instead - if contact's bare JID is in the user's roster 
with 'from' or 'both' subscription.
Or perhaps - for incoming messages should be at least 'to' and for 
outgoing - 'from'?

Should we consider full run against both always and never to find 
most-specific match or we just do first-hit and ignore the rest?
The former sounds more plausible to me as it allows fine-tuning with 
blocking a specific resource or in opposite - archive only a specific 
On the other hand later is more simplistic for implementation.

Then - what is the order of comparison? I.e. if (for some unknown 
reason) jid is present in both always and never lists with identical 

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