[Standards] LAST CALL: XEP-0313 (Message Archive Management)

Ruslan N. Marchenko me at ruff.mobi
Sat Nov 18 18:47:49 UTC 2017

On 18.11.2017 17:14, Philipp Hörist wrote:
> Why would a server allow that if it has no use case and leads to 
> problems?
> When a client sets the preferences the server replies with the full 
> pref list, this gives the server the possibility to refuse some entries.
> The XEP also states
> note that due to server policies these MAY be different to the 
> preferences sent by the client
> we could blow this whole pref thing up with defining errors for all 
> kind of things that may happen, but as it was suggested already, prefs 
> should be excluded from the xep and put into its own xep.
That's fine, however XEP still should specify default archiving rules, 
at least _recommended_. Like - store everything, store nothing, store by 
roster, etc.
Since MAM is not negotiable there's no option for user to opt-out except 
prefs. So I'd be strongly against default store-everything.
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