[Standards] 2017-11-29 XMPP Council Meeting Minutes

Ruslan N. Marchenko me at ruff.mobi
Wed Nov 29 19:25:23 UTC 2017

On 29.11.2017 17:42, Jonas Wielicki wrote:
> Present: Dave (Chair), Kevin, Georg, Daniel, Sam
> Minutes: Yours truly.
> Chat logs: http://logs.xmpp.org/council/2017-11-29#15:55:08
> ...
> 2. Vote on deprecating XEP-0095 (Stream Initiation)
> ---------------------------------------------------
> Sam did research on this one. It appears of the clients he inspected, not any
> client *only* supported Stream Initiation (they all supported either
> [XEP-0234] (Jingle File Transfer), Jingle *and* SI, or neither). (see the
> Trello card [1] for details)ft-manager tp
> Daniel thinks that there are clients which can only do SI, but doesn’t recall
> any off the top of his head.
Telepathy-gabble for one supports only SI. I'm currently looking if i 
can monkeypatch existing ft-manager to handle jingle but this is in 
early PoC phase as of yet.
(telepathy-gabble:1776): gabble-DEBUG: emit_capabilities_update 
(presence-cache.c:1125): Emitting caps update for handle 1
   Feature: http://www.google.com/xmpp/protocol/session
   Feature: urn:xmpp:jingle:transports:raw-udp:1
   Feature: http://jabber.org/protocol/jingle
   Feature: http://jabber.org/protocol/nick
   Feature: http://jabber.org/protocol/si
   Feature: http://jabber.org/protocol/ibb
   Feature: http://telepathy.freedesktop.org/xmpp/tubes
   Feature: http://jabber.org/protocol/bytestreams
   Feature: jabber:iq:last
   Feature: http://jabber.org/protocol/jingle/description/audio
   Feature: urn:xmpp:jingle:apps:rtp:1
   Feature: urn:xmpp:jingle:apps:rtp:audio
   Feature: urn:xmpp:jingle:apps:rtp:rtp-hdrext:0
   Feature: urn:xmpp:jingle:apps:rtp:rtcp-fb:0

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