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On Sun, 1 Apr 2018, 17:17 Tedd Sterr, <teddsterr at outlook.com <mailto:teddsterr at outlook.com> > wrote:

I think I've managed to successfully implement XEP-0239 - at least it looks correct to me - however, I'm unable to find any servers that support it.


Given its utility in low bandwidth cases, you might ask the Isode people if M-link supports it.

[Steve Kille]

We are focussed on low bandwidth  and high latency use (with HF down to 75 bps).


Some people do find this humorous, but….


XML is verbose, but it compresses well.   It is unclear to me if a more compact representation would give sufficient improvement to justify the disruption




PS (for Dave) Although ASN.1 would be ideal



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