[Standards] XEP-0357 (push) needs options

Anurodh Pokharel info at monal.im
Fri Apr 13 00:39:30 UTC 2018

I've been testing  push notifications on Monal for iOS for about a year,
pointing to the implementation on Prosody. I have observed that
notifications are sent for stanzas beyond message ones. In my case I only
care to alert the user if there are new messages, so the constant need to
connect and check on every notification quietly wastes resources.

Given the various different use cases for this, there are probably
different requirements for different apps.  A blanket list of stanzas to
push does not work for everyone.  I feel like the client should be able to
set a whitelist of what stanzas it cares about. Some of what I am
experiencing are likely bugs or specifics of the implementation on Prosody,
but it seems to reason that how to determine what is interesting enough to
be push  be specified in the xep.

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