[Standards] XEP-0249 (Direct MUC Invitations)

Georg Lukas georg at op-co.de
Tue Apr 17 08:37:13 UTC 2018

* Tedd Sterr <teddsterr at outlook.com> [2018-04-17 01:06]:
> XEP-0249 (Direct MUC Invitations) appears to be aimed at working
> around privacy lists (XEP-0016) blocking, but since privacy lists are
> now deprecated, does it have any other uses cases?

Direct invitations have the benefit that the receiver can verify the
identity of the sender.

With mediated invites, a malicious MUC could trick a user into joining
(and exposing their full JID) by pretending to forward an invitation
from a known friend of the user.

Unfortunately, direct invitations don't automatically add the recipient
to the member list of access-restricted MUCs, so we have two
not-quite-solutions here for a seemingly trivial problem.

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