[Standards] XEP-0369: MIX - About create a room/channel

Steve Kille steve.kille at isode.com
Tue Apr 24 07:09:22 UTC 2018

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> So, does that mean you can create a room in such a way that you lack full
> control over? That doesn't sound optimal, although I like explicit over
[Steve Kille] 

I agree that explicit is good.   It is also clean if you want to create a
room without an owner or with owners not yourself.

> What happens if you omit the Owners field? Is the default a single item,
> the bare JID of the creator?
[Steve Kille] 

3.9.11 says:  " Bare JIDs with Owner rights as defined in ACL node. When a
channel is created, the JID creating the channel is configured as an owner,
unless this attribute is explicitly configured to another value."

This is effectively saying Owner is mandatory.   I think that I will add
text to explicitly say that a channel must have an owner.

Does this make sense?


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