[Standards] XEP-0369: MIX - About create a room/channel

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> Hi,
> I'm not sure if there are use cases where Owners and/or Administrators can be
> on the lists without being Participants. In my opinion, these roles should be
> subsets. The "Participants" list is the superset, the "Administrators" list is a
> subset of "Participants" and "Owners" is a subset of "Administrators" list.
[Steve Kille] 
I think there are good use cases where owners/adminstrators are not participants.   I gave two of them in the response I just wrote to Ralph.

> In that way, it's easy to think that Owners should be Administrators and
> Participants. And if it's needed to have always an Owner, it's difficult to have
> inconsistencies and weird situations like Ralph says.
[Steve Kille] 

If there is no explicit owner, the expectation is that Owner rights are handled by a server admin.

Administrators and Owners are similar.   The key difference is that an Administrator cannot add/remove Owners/Administrators.     An Administrator has some trusted functions, whereas an Owner has full rights.

There is no reason for Owners and Administrators to be participants.  Think of the corporate case where channels are not managed by users.

> Kind regards.
> Manuel Rubio.
[Steve Kille] 




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