[Standards] XEP-0068 and MAM

Ivan Vučica ivan at vucica.net
Thu Apr 26 12:03:15 UTC 2018


Today I learned about XEP-0068 which seems to specify an IDL-like XML
for data forms. It also defines a registry for FORM_TYPEs maintained
by the XMPP Registrar. I feel this could be very useful to client
libraries, which can generate code with structs for predefined types
a-la protocol buffers or thrift or  -- presumably that was the

Is anyone using the <form_type/> definitions for code generation? If
so, for which language are you generating the stubs?

Next: use of XEP-0004 dataforms seems to be very widespread in various
XEPs, but the list of form types in
https://xmpp.org/registrar/formtypes.html remains quite short.

In particular, XEP-0313 defines a FORM_TYPE in namespace
urn:xmpp:mam:2, but does not seem to provide a XEP-0068 definition nor
is it registered in the registrar.

Another example is the deferred XEP-0232 (software information) and
experimental XEP-0369 (MIX).

So: Should these /at least/ include the <form_type/> definition?
Should this be then updated in the registry?

Next up: XML version of the registry (formtypes.xml) would be much
more useful if it included the <form_types/> themselves. How are the
HTML and XML versions generated?

And finally: registry itself seems to last have been updated on
2009-04-06. Do people care about it? Is anyone maintaining it?

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