[Standards] XEP-0060: Inconsistency between SHIM registration and SHIM registry

Melvin Vermeeren mail at mel.vin
Thu Aug 2 20:02:58 UTC 2018


In XEP-0060, Publish-Subscribe, there appears to be an inconsistency regarding 
the SHIM registration and the current listing in the SHIM registry.

XEP-0060, in the examples, reads:
> <header name='SubID'>

This is also consistent with the "SHIM Headers" section of the XEP:

However, the SHIM registry lists it as "pubsub#subid" and not "SubID":

The question is which of these is actually correct? When resolving this we may 
want to add a note since implementations can expect both "SubID" and 
"pubsub#subid", unless I misunderstand the SHIM registry list.

The same applies to "Collection" and "pubsub#collection". I also note there is 
an entry in the registry for "pubsub#expire", but I cannot find anything 
regarding this SHIM Header in XEP-0060. Am I missing something?


Melvin Vermeeren
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