[Standards] XEP-0060: Item ordering

Philipp Hörist philipp at hoerist.com
Wed Aug 8 09:17:07 UTC 2018

I always thought the most recent refers to the publish date/time of the
item, hence if i override a item it also changes the updated time/date and
it becomes the most recent


2018-08-08 11:06 GMT+02:00 Matthew Wild <mwild1 at gmail.com>:

> The XEP is not very explicit about the order of items within a pubsub
> node. The closest it gets is referring to the ability to fetch "the
> most recent items".
> Item IDs are unique, so publishing an item with an existing ID
> replaces the original item.
> Is this new item "the last published item" (a term from the XEP), or
> does it sit in place of the item that originally had that ID?
> Regards,
> Matthew
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