[Standards] XEP-0198: Stream should be closed when 'h' value is to high

Guus der Kinderen guus.der.kinderen at gmail.com
Wed Feb 7 07:40:16 UTC 2018


XEP-0198 Stream Management relies on a stanza count that is being send as
an acknowledgement that a certain amount of session data has been received
(the 'h' value). The XEP does not specify what should happen if the
acknowledgement is off - when the remote entity appears to acknowledge data
that was never / not yet sent.

This situation was discussed briefly in the sidelines of the summit.
Terminating the stream came up as the suggested way to handle such a
situation. It is worth noting that such behavior is already allowable:
"misuse of stream management MAY result in termination of the stream." (but
this is not further specified in the XEP).

I propose that the XEP is updated with an instruction to, upon detection of
an invalid acknowledgement, terminate the stream with stream error.


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