[Standards] Adding logo to MUC and PubSub node

W. Martin Borgert debacle at debian.org
Wed Feb 7 21:16:30 UTC 2018


this is an idea mainly for the "social network" aspect of XMPP:
A logo for a MUC or for a PubSub node, similar to a user avatar.

Such a logo, emblem, or symbol can be a good indicator for users
to find the right MUC or PubSub node in a social network
application or graphical XMPP client.

How about introducing two configuration variables, one in


And the second one in


The value should be a <media> element from

IMHO, the value should be restricted to
 1. images, or would a sound make sense? Maybe...
 2. inline data, so that a link to a web resource cannot be
    abused for snitching IP addresses

What do you think?

TIA & Cheers

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