[Standards] XEP Dependencies

Tedd Sterr teddsterr at outlook.com
Thu Feb 8 15:23:06 UTC 2018

After noticing that XEP-0137 depends on "Stream Initiation" which is now deprecated, I checked through all XEPs for their dependencies and found the following:

== Strong Dependencies (the XEP is pointless without them) ==

* XEP-0105 (Tree Transfer Stream Initiation Profile) depends on: XEP-0095, XEP-0096

* XEP-0135 (File Sharing) depends on: XEP-0096

* XEP-0137 (Publishing Stream Initiation Requests) depends on: XEP-0095

* XEP-0159 (Spim-Blocking Control) depends on: XEP-0016

* XEP-0241 (Encryption of Archived Messages) depends on: XEP-0136

== Weak Dependencies (the XEP could probably be reworked to not require them) ==

* XEP-0103 (URL Address Information) depends on: XEP-0095

* XEP-0347 (Internet of Things - Discovery) depends on: XEP-0323, XEP-0324, XEP-0325, XEP-0326

* XEP-0169 (Twas The Night Before Christmas) depends on: XEP-0090, XEP-0112

== Mistakes (dependency listed, but apparently not used) ==

* XEP-0264 (Jingle Content Thumbnails) depends on: XEP-0096


XEP-0016 (Privacy Lists)  [deprecated]

XEP-0090 (Legacy Entity Time)  [obsolete]

XEP-0095 (Stream Initiation)  [deprecated]

XEP-0096 (SI File Transfer)  [deprecated]

XEP-0112 (User Physical Location)  [obsolete]
XEP-0136 (Message Archiving)  [deprecated]

XEP-0323 (Internet of Things - Sensor Data)  [retracted]

XEP-0324 (Internet of Things - Provisioning)  [retracted]

XEP-0325 (Internet of Things - Control)  [retracted]

XEP-0326 (Internet of Things - Concentrators)  [retracted]

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