[Standards] MAM Corner Cases: MUC-PMs and Self-Messages

Georg Lukas georg at op-co.de
Wed Feb 21 19:05:19 UTC 2018


Philipp H. pointed out an interesting issue today: MUC-PMs are sent by a
MUC to all joined client full-JIDs, so if you are joined to a MUC with
two devices, your account will see two copies of the messages. Your MAM
archive is also going to store two copies of them, with different
MAM-IDs, which makes later deduplication rather complicated (you can't
rely on them having a message ID or an origin-id, and the timestamp
might vary a bit).

Do we want MUC-PMs stored in MAM at all? And if yes, how can we prevent
multiple copies from being stored? (Please ignore for a moment the
synchronization problems that arise if you respond to MUC-PM copies
before joining the respective MUC).

Another nice corner case are messages to my own JID. Servers will send a
"sent" Carbon Copy of them to all your other clients, then reflect the
message to the "most available" client and send a Carbon Copy to all
others. Each client ends up with two copies of each message, and the MAM
archive probably as well. Does this make sense?

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