[Standards] [XEP-0234] Jingle File Transfer, Last Call and File Sharing

Goffi goffi at goffi.org
Fri Feb 23 08:47:00 UTC 2018

Hello everybody,

As mentioned in my last message, I'm currently working on file sharing.

I have a couple of remarks with that:

1) XEP-0234 is in Last Call which is supposed to be finished, what the 
status about that?

2) for file sharing, I need more metadata, for instance the path needed to 
identify the file gotten from XEP-0329 : I don't want to always calculate 
hashes of all files I'm sharing to avoid consuming too much resources, and 
the name alone may not identify uniquely the file.
How can I transmit them? Should I use a separate namespace (that would make 
sense), or would it possible to add this specific metadata to XEP-0234?

3) for the same reason, I would like to optionnally give an unique ID with 
my files, this way I can identify them without calculating hash. Would it be 
possible to have an uuid metadata?

4) if there are several file conresponding to a file request (e.g. only name 
is given), what should we do ? Return the first one or send a "conflict" 
stanza error?

5) there is not URI format specified in the XEP, that would be nice to add 
(there was one for XEP-0096: https://xmpp.org/extensions/

Beside that this XEP is really usable.


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