[Standards] [XEP-0264] thumbnails: we should be able to transmit them with XEP-0234

Travis Burtrum travis at burtrum.org
Sat Feb 24 16:24:39 UTC 2018

Unfortunately you also can't reasonably expect P2P to work today in most cases because everyone is behind a NAT including most mobile phone networks. So https is still your best bet, and since most servers support http upload it's already done for you.

On February 24, 2018 3:12:30 AM EST, Goffi <goffi at goffi.org> wrote:
>currently thumbnails are transmitted using http(s) or BoB (XEP-0231).
>with resolutions we can have todays even on small screens, size of
>is growing. Transmitting them using BoB can block the connection and is
>useless waste of bandwidth. I'm thinking about P2P transmission, so
>http is 
>not an option here. As XEP-0234 is able to transmit several files in
>same session, it would be a good candidate for that.
>Doesn anybody see an issue with using XEP-0234 for that? If no I'll
>the change on the XEP.
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