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Tue Feb 27 12:40:48 UTC 2018

For reference, XEPs that list the given XEP as a dependency (to what extent they actually make use of it is another matter):

XEP-0020 (Feature Negotiation; Draft; 2006-11-21)
 - XEP-0041 (Reliable Entity Link; Retra)
 - XEP-0052 (File Transfer; Retra)
 - XEP-0116 (Encrypted Session Negotiation; Defer)
 - XEP-0155 (Stanza Session Negotiation; Draft)
 - XEP-0187 (Offline Encrypted Sessions; Defer)
 - XEP-0217 (Simplified Encrypted Session Negotiation; Defer)

XEP-0048 (Bookmarks; Draft; 2007-11-07)
 - XEP-0387 (XMPP Compliance Suites 2018; Draft)

XEP-0059 (Result Set Management; Draft; 2006-09-20)
 - XEP-0060 (Publish-Subscribe; Draft)
 - XEP-0136 (Message Archiving; Depre)
 - XEP-0313 (Message Archive Management; Exper)
 - XEP-0329 (File Information Sharing; Defer)

XEP-0066 (Out of Band Data; Draft; 2006-08-16)
 - XEP-0129 (WebDAV File Transfers; Defer)
 - XEP-0158 (CAPTCHA Forms; Draft)

XEP-0072 (SOAP Over XMPP; Draft; 2005-12-14)
 - (none listed)

XEP-0079 (Advanced Message Processing; Draft; 2005-11-30)
 - XEP-0170 (Recommended Order of Stream Feature Negotiation; Active)
 - XEP-0187 (Offline Encrypted Sessions; Defer)

XEP-0092 (Software Version; Draft; 2007-02-15)
 - (none listed)

XEP-0122 (Data Forms Validation; Draft; 2004-09-22)
 - XEP-0325 (Internet of Things - Control; Retra)
 - XEP-0326 (Internet of Things - Concentrators; Retra)
 - XEP-0331 (Data Forms - Color Field Types; Defer)
 - XEP-0350 (Data Forms Geolocation Element; Defer)

XEP-0131 (Stanza Headers and Internet Metadata; Draft; 2006-07-12)
 - XEP-0060 (Publish-Subscribe; Draft)
 - XEP-0150 (Use of Entity Tags in XMPP Extensions; Defer)
 - XEP-0332 (HTTP over XMPP transport; Defer)

XEP-0141 (Data Forms Layout; Draft; 2005-05-12)
 - XEP-0325 (Internet of Things - Control; Retra)
 - XEP-0326 (Internet of Things - Concentrators; Retra)

XEP-0229 (Stream Compression with LZW; Draft; 2007-09-26)
 - (none listed)

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