[Standards] 2018-02-28 Council Meeting Minutes

Georg Lukas georg at op-co.de
Wed Feb 28 16:58:13 UTC 2018

# 2018-02-28 Council Meeting Minutes

Logs: http://logs.xmpp.org/council/2018-02-28/#16:00:13

## Role Call

- Dave Cridland (chairing)
- Daniel Gultsch
- Georg Lukas
- Kevin Smith
- Sam Whited

## For fork's sake, can somebody else take the minutes?

Georg this time

## Good Idea Extraction

The "good" bits:
XEP-0013: purge offline messages for MAM clients
XEP-0116: full-stanza encryption

A long discussion about the usefulness of the 0013-purge for purposes of
MAM, Clausewitz, race conditions, users who have MAM disabled and other
corner cases. No clear consensus on how to move on with 0013.

General consensus on Good Idea Extraction: "it's an option"

Further discussion of 0013/MAM should be continued on list. We need a
proper protocol to fix the offline/MAM interop. Sam suggests to add a
warning into 0313, then to deprecate 0013, then to work on a proper

## Dusty Drafts

A long list of "Draft" standards was brought to the standards list. The
Council should decide which of those will be deprecated, and which ones
shall move to Final.

Kev points out that a "Call for Experience" is the proper way to move
from Draft to Final. The Council members promise to have a look at all
listed XEPs so that a vote can take place in the next meeting to decide
whether to CFE or to deprecate each of them.

Sam points out that there are some obvious candidates, but further
discussion shows that more preparation time would be appropriate.

## AOB

Georg brings up multiple points:

### MUC reflection of message IDs

This was discussed in 2010 and then in 2014, without gaining consensus:

In the meantime, origin-id was designed as a workaround, but does not
work universally either. Georg proposes to change 0045 wording to
reflect current best practice, even if it would break the Draft XEP.
He promises to prepare a PR that can be voted upon next week. Kev
suggests some wording and asks to add a disco#info feature so that the
breaking change is at least advertised.

### Removal of <origin-id/>

As the <origin-id/> element of 0359 was introduced with the sole purpose
of fixing the above MUC-id-rewriting problem, Georg asks to remove the
<origin-id/> once the above issue is fixed.

### ID Uniqueness in RFC 6120

Georg raises the inconsistency problems of RFC 6120 @ids being defined
as unique within a stream, but used for end-to-end tracking. No specific
proposal is made, so it's suggested to move the discussion to list.

## Time of next

+1 weeks works for everyone but potentially Georg, who promises to try
hard to join.
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