[Standards] File sharing states for XEP-0085: Chat State Notifications

Matthew Wild mwild1 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 16 13:59:23 UTC 2018

Hi Linus,

On 16 July 2018 at 14:45, Linus Jahn <lnj at kaidan.im> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am writing to this list because of XEP-0085: Chat State Notifications.
> I'd like to suggest adding several states that can be used with
> asynchronous file sharing protocols as HTTP File Upload. The idea to
> make it possible to send a notification about that a user is uploading
> an image, video, audio file or another file type.

Great idea!

However adding this to XEP-0085 is not possible because it has reached
'Final' status in the standards process, which means it cannot be
changed. It already fulfils its original purpose and is widely
implemented. Even ignoring the standards process, a change now would
likely only confuse clients that did not recognise the new state.

> This were an optional additional feature in XEP-0085 (keeping
> backwards-compatibility, of course) and so it should be possible to add
> this change even in the Final state of the XEP.
> I'm new to writing the standards, what is be the best way to proceed?

Authoring a new XEP for this case would not be hard. Take a look at
https://xmpp.org/about/standards-process.html for details about
getting started.

Let us know if you have any questions.


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