[Standards] File sharing states for XEP-0085: Chat State Notifications

Linus Jahn lnj at kaidan.im
Tue Jul 17 13:09:16 UTC 2018

Hello Matthew and Ненахов,
thank you for your answers.

On Mon, 16 Jul 2018 13:59:23, Matthew Wild <mwild1 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Authoring a new XEP for this case would not be hard. Take a look at
> https://xmpp.org/about/standards-process.html for details about
> getting started.

Thanks, I'll do that.

On Mon, 16 Jul 2018 14:12:11, Ненахов Андрей <andrew.nenakhov at redsolution.ru> wrote:
> Actually, we've recently a 'type' attribute in development Xabber
> for Web build so we can display messages like 'recording an audio
> message', 'recording video message', 'uploading file'. Works ok,
> third-party clients just see it as simple 'typing'.

I think in the XSF MUC they agreed on that it's a bad idea to add
attributes to another namespace, so I'll use a subelement.

While thinking a bit about the new XEP, I came to the conclusion that
the uploading information could also be added to other states than
<composing/>. For example in <paused/> to indicate that the user has
aborted the upload. It should even be possible for <inactive/>, because
the client can continue to upload while the user is doing something

Apart from that, there should be states for uploading media files and
states for the creation of the media files (user is recording
audio/video or taking a picture).

The third point I thought about was if the uploading progress should
also be transmitted. I think this can be useful in situations where
the upload takes very long, so the chat partner can at least estimate
if the file will be there in a few seconds or it will still take an
hour. The progress should probably not updated more often than once a

I'm curious what you think about it.


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