[Standards] [XEP-0384] OMEMO: xml:lang + max_items

Goffi goffi at goffi.org
Fri Jul 27 14:03:11 UTC 2018


I'm currently working on OMEMO implementation in Salut à Toi thanks to the 
work of Syndace (https://github.com/Syndace/python-omemo), and I have two 
issues with it:

- SàT is using xml:lang attribute, and I don't see a way to specify it with 
OMEMO, how should I do? What are business rules when several bodies are 
available (I know it's not common, but it's allowed by RFCs)?

- only the first item of PEP nodes are used, and it seems that client are 
implicitly expecting max_items=1 (i.e. singleton pattern), but I don't see 
any mention of that in the XEP.  Furthermore, max_items support is optional 
in Pubsub, and I see in my PEP nodes the same items published several 
times. This could be mitigated by using a well known id for the item (e.g. 
the OMEMO namespace), so even pubsub services not featuring max_items would 
simply override the existing item.

That's all for now, thanks

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