[Standards] Should we move Nicks out of MIX-CORE?

Tedd Sterr teddsterr at outlook.com
Mon Jun 4 00:04:53 UTC 2018

> However,  I could move it out into a new MIX-NICK.   What do people think?

You could probably move channels into a separate XEP too, and messages, and nodes, and maybe a few other things.

I think if you really try, you could probably get MIX up to at least 24 separate XEPs - that would be pretty cool.

There are features that are essential, and then there are features that are sensible which could be moved into separate XEPs because they're not essential, but in practice they're necessary anyway.

Don't get carried away with splitting off every little thing - it doesn't help anyone to have to rummage through a dozen XEPs just to check whether they need/want listed features.


It's probably a rare case that a user will want to set a channel nick different from their 'normal' one.

Participants also in a user's roster will already have an assigned nick, but those not in the roster will not; so either: they stay 'bare' (just use JID), or the channel provides nicks along with JIDs, or there's a ridiculous barrage of requests to find out everyone's nicks when the channel could have provided the same information in a single response.

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