[Standards] Using route-able JIDs in MIX-CORE

Kevin Smith kevin.smith at isode.com
Mon Jun 4 06:54:14 UTC 2018

On 3 Jun 2018, at 17:27, Florian Schmaus <flo at geekplace.eu> wrote:
> 3.) IQ requests usually send to / received from
> channel at mix.service/stable-participant-id/client-id
> To allow us to address a particular client for IQ exchange. (We could
> add IQ semantics for channel at mix.service/stable-participant-id later on,
> but I'm undecided yet if it is a good idea)

Why would we want iqs to full JID but not bare JID of a client?

> Bonus points if:
> <snip/>
> - Messages send to channel at mix.serivce/stable-paticiapnt-id are send to
> a participant (PMs, e.g. fan-out via carbons, most available resource, …
> - Messages send to channel at mix.service/stable-participant-id/client-id
> are send to single XMPP session of the participant identified by
> client-id (IBB (?)).

Those two aren’t a bonus, because they break archiving and introduce the significant risk of subtle bugs (such as those we’ve already seen in the wild) in implementations.


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