[Standards] Per Channel Nicks vs Global Nicks

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Mon Jun 4 08:28:07 UTC 2018

On 3 Jun 2018, at 17:13, Steve Kille <steve.kille at isode.com> wrote:
> Daniel,
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>>> (Nick and Bare JID).
>> I’m just on my way home from a very productive and interesting meetup with
>> designers and artists. And without knowledge of the current MIX debate - just
>> by analyzing the way Conversations currently implements group chats / MUC -
>> people very quickly challenged the need for having per room nicks. And the very
>> few arguments I was able to make in defense of having nicks in groups chats are
>> only valid for anonymous groups.
>> Just wanting to put this out there…
>> cheers
>> Daniel
> [Steve Kille] 
> Thanks 0 this is useful to share.
> I can see that most users joining a public channel would want to use the same Nick for this and for all public interactions.

I think that’s usually true, yes. There are clearly cases, like the Discord model, where you want a different nick in different (sets of) channel(s), but usually on XMPP I’m Kev and want to remain Kev. I think that’s straightforwardly achieved by my client just setting me Kev in any room or channel I join based on my local preference.

> There is no global registry, where users can register Nicks.   I won't debate if this is good or bad.   However,  I think it means that channels (or MUC rooms) need to get users to pick a Nick.    I think it would be helpful for an XMPP client to make it easy to choose the same Nick for all channels.
> We also see environments where service operators want to enforce consistent and sensible Nicks.

The ability for a channel to set the nick (override the nick) for a user based on local policy might not be core, but I think knowing that clients will react sensibly to that override is core, and so both end up needing to be in -core.

> MIX has a concept of Nick Registration (now in MIX-MISC)  which provides a framework for users to have a single Nick across channels in a single domain.    This is clearly not a global Nick, but can help deployments where only one or a small number of MIX domains are used.

I think that helps with the “don’t let someone else steal my nick” case (which is a definite case), but for the “just want to be Kev everywhere” case where Kev isn’t a popular name, probably just setting from the client automatically is straightforward.


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