[Standards] Addressing for IQs in MIX-CORE

Steve Kille steve.kille at isode.com
Mon Jun 4 10:37:35 UTC 2018

To support IQs in MIX-CORE, there needs to be an addressing  and routing

I am proposing that this uses a different scheme to messages from the
channel (this is Kev's variant 4).

The rationale for having a different scheme is that you want to be able to
distinguish from a stanza that comes from the channel, from a stanza  (IQ)
that is relayed by the channel.

A message distributed by the channel would come from:  
    channel at domain/stable-participant-id

Bare JID is the channel, reflecting that the message comes from the channel.

An IQ message being relayed by the channel would come from:   
    stable-participant-id#channel at domain/resource

Bare JID reflects the sender, which will enable the receiver to clearly
distinguish that this is not coming from the channel.

We want to use this scheme for PMs (MIX-ANON), and here the difference
becomes more important.   You want to clearly distinguish messages from the
channel from PMs, and this approach gives a framework to achieve this.



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