[Standards] Should we move Nicks out of MIX-CORE?

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Nicknames are what users use to refer to each other. If, in a channel, I say, "Steve, that's a terrible idea!", then I'm referring to the user whose nickname is Steve in the channel.


If we say clients should name channel occupants by any name they like, this won't work. We'll then have to handle things by references - a better idea, certainly, and one that solves the question of who I'm talking to.


But then in the text, you'd still see what name I use to refer to you as...


Now, as it happens, you're simply Steve Kille in my roster - hooray for posting on good terms, eh? - but what if I'd got a silly name for you? Or misspelled your name? Autocorrect really hates it, after all.


These aren't technical interoperability, but they do harm to user experience and might even be a privacy leak.

[Steve Kille]


I think that this ties back to the case that Daniel was making to move Nicks out of core.


JIDs are the global reference.   


I think you are making a good case for a MIX client using channel nicks in the UI.


However,  I don’t think that MIX should mandate what the UI displays.   MIX has potential to be used for many things, and there may well be other cases where this choice is not sensible






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