[Standards] Group chat protocol

JC Brand lists at opkode.com
Wed Jun 6 06:08:20 UTC 2018

On Sun, Jun 03, 2018 at 07:30:48PM +0500, Ненахов Андрей wrote:
>    To whom it may concern, we're working on group chat solution for XMPP.
>    It is quite a simple solution that we feel is good enough to counter most
>    issues of XEP-0045.

Is this an extension/modification of XEP-0045, or is this a completely different groupchat
>    It is quite simple:
>      * Group chat is listed in a roster, we use standard xmpp subscription to
>        join-leave group chats

As with MIX.

>      * Clients can differentiate group chat contacts from regular contacts in
>        their rosters by a specially formatted presence.
>      * Sending messages to group chat is done by sending messages to group
>        chat JID
>      * Group chat server resends messages to everyone but sender with
>        special formatting, that includes unique message ID, sender nickname,
>        sender JID, avatar hash.

This would be a very helpful improvement. I added support for showing avatars
in MUCs recently and ran into these issues:

1. Can't fetch avatars when the user is no longer in the room
2. Can't know for sure whether archived messages sent from a particular nickname
   is from the same user who currently has that nickname, so when you fetch the
   avatar, you might be getting the wrong one.

>        For older clients, we provide a plaintext
>        body that starts with nickname:\n before actual message.
>        This way allows a client to display everything they need without
>        fetching data from a list of group chat members. Avatar hash is also a
>        filename so avatar can be retrieved from a server when needed.
>      * Non-anonymous groups transmit real user JID, semi-anonymous transmit
>        JID assigned to this user for identification purposes.
>      * Nicknames and avatars are retrieved from user's vCard when he joins
>        the group. Can be redefined later by user
>      * No private messages support. XMPP is already a protocol for private
>        messaging. In non-anonymous groups users can contact each other
>        directly. In semi-anonymous groups, users can send a special message
>        (via group) to other users that would disclose their real JID to the
>        user they want to talk to. If the recipient accepts he can add him to
>        his personal roster and chat privately.
>      * Clients can fetch a list of group chat members and turn on/off
>        receiving updates. We imagine users of big groups of 300+ users don't
>        really want to receive presence data all the time, but might want to
>        open a list of participants and see who's online.
>    Group chat also provides a centralized message archive, so members can
>    fetch chat history directly from group chat server.
>    Advantages of this approach:

What approach? The "centralized message archive" or the whole "group chat" protocol?

>      * Simple
>      * Compatible with existing clients
>      * Compatible with existing servers
>      * Easy to implement in any XMPP client

It's not clear to me what exactly is compatible with existing clients and
servers, only fetching archived messages?

>    Parts of it are already implemented (we run it on modified ejabberd), we
>    already use it for internal communications. It is also already supported
>    in a web version of Xabber. I expect a mid-July release with support in
>    Web, Android and iOS versions of Xabber. Most likely we'll also make a
>    Gajim plugin, but a bit later and maybe not fully featured.
>    Admin stuff is not yet done. Most likely will be somewhat akin to Telegram
>    group chats model. Admins can be granted rights by owners and other
>    admins, users can be restricted by admins.
>    Anyone interested to try it can connect with me
>    [1]xmpp:andrew.nenakhov at redsolution.com, I'll invite you to existing
>    groupchat we made. Best way to try is to connect using development
>    version of Xabber, [2]https://web.xabber.com/develop/
>    For now, it's limited (and sometimes breaks ;) ) and you can only join
>    already created group chats, I think we'll also add permissions for
>    anyone to create group chats on our server.
>    ...
>    Documentation for all of this is now in a somewhat inconsistent state (and
>    is also in Russian), we changed a number of things from our original plan
>    and our proto-protocol spec is now already outdated at some places, I plan
>    to fix it next week and translate to English.
>    Important notice. I fully understand that it is almost inevitable that
>    we'll now receive a very big share of criticism from people who won't like
>    this and that and how we do everything wrong. We will release support for
>    this protocol in our clients and server no matter what because we need it
>    for our product and we can't wait until this MIX enormity somehow settles
>    down. Thus said, we're very open to constructive feedback, and since this
>    functionality is in very active development we might consider changing
>    some things.

I'd prefer further enhancements to be added to XEP-0045 or in a way that's
compatible with XEP-0045, like dropping GC 1.0 and adding support for the
"am-I-still-connected" IQ (or presence?) that Ge0rg suggested last year as well
as some of the things mentioned here.


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