[Standards] Business rules of Last Message Correction

Georg Lukas georg at op-co.de
Mon Jun 11 08:54:33 UTC 2018

* Klaus Herberth <klaus at jsxc.org> [2018-06-11 10:49]:
> The XEP just says: "While it is possible to use this protocol to
> correct messages older than the most recent received from a full JID,
> such use is out of scope for this document and support for this SHOULD
> NOT be assumed without further negotiation.",

I really dislike that part of the XEP, because you can not rely on
anything here. My client will allow modifying messages older than the
last one (there is really no *technical* need for this restriction), and
you can't prevent abuse of this feature anyway.

> but what should I do with such a message?
> Drop it? Show it as new message?

If you can not find the referenced @id, or it is not deemed as
"correctable", you should just display this message as a new one. This
way, the content isn't lost.

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