[Standards] Business rules of Last Message Correction

Kevin Smith kevin.smith at isode.com
Mon Jun 11 13:12:51 UTC 2018

On 11 Jun 2018, at 13:52, Tedd Sterr <teddsterr at outlook.com> wrote:
> I have considered this issue previously and concluded that, while there appears to be no technical reason to disallow correcting older messages, (some) current implementations only support correction of the last message (in line with this limitation.)
> Maybe Kev can shed some light on why this limitation was added (?)

There was heated discussion back at the time, most of which I can’t remember. I think we’re in a different place now, with correction from different clients and the suchlike also being likely where it wasn’t before, so I think updating 308 makes sense.

> As the XEP is in Draft and has been widely implemented, it's probably not a good idea to just remove it from the XEP; as a result of:
> > "The 'id' attribute is included on the replace to prevent situations where messages being routed to a different resource than the intended cause incorrect replacements."
> a receiving client would assume the message id that it can't find must have gone to a different resource and so will ignore the correction.
> I think a fix would preferably have a new namespace, and so it's probably best to just create "(Recent) Message Correction" as a new XEP, even though it would be near identical to 0308. And I'd take the opportunity to tighten the business rules and add deletion too (functionally, replacing the message with "This message was deleted.", but semantically different from literally replacing the message with that text.)

I think an ns bump in 308 is better than a duplicate spec, really (unless there’s something I’m missing).


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