[Standards] XMPP Council Minutes 2018-06-06

Georg Lukas georg at op-co.de
Tue Jun 12 10:49:39 UTC 2018

* Sam Whited <sam at samwhited.com> [2018-06-09 05:11]:
> On Fri, Jun 8, 2018, at 19:52, Tedd Sterr wrote:
> > 4a) XEP-0045: Add a feature for the voice request flow #653 - 
> > https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/653

> Adding such a feature this late in the game doesn't really provide any benfit because it can only be used to determine that a MUC supports voice requests, but can't be used to determine that it doesn't (since many legacy systems wouldn't implement it). Unfortunately, without knowing the history of MUC this isn't obvious and new implementers would be forgiven for assuming that it is a feature they can rely upon.

Is this a general opposition to the change, or would you accept the PR
if respective wording is added to the PR, as was discussed in the
Council meeting? That change would address your second objection, and
regarding the first one, I think that changing the spec is the only way
to move forward and to cause a long-term improvement, and this is a good

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