[Standards] XMPP Council Minutes 2018-06-13

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Wed Jun 13 20:59:51 UTC 2018


Dave apologises for not preparing an agenda; apparently, having a day job is distracting.

1) Roll Call
Present: Kev, Daniel, Sam, Dave
Away on a top-secret mission: Georg

2) Agenda Bash
Dave is unaware of anything that needs a vote, and asks whether anyone knows of anything; all minds are blank.

e) Outstanding and Mediocre Votes
Dave checks that Sam did veto 'the MUC thing' (PR #653) - he did; Georg has two votes outstanding.

3) Next Meeting
2018-06-20 1500 UTC, hopefully with Dave preparing an agenda and picnic.

π) AOB
Daniel mentions that the LC for HTTP Upload was issued last week, but hasn't yet received any feedback; he assumes this is because the feedback from the previous LC has already been addressed. Daniel also checks that Council will be okay voting despite the (latest) lack of feedback, and if he should bump the thread in an attempt to encourage new feedback.
Kev suggests that Council can vote next week after looking at the feedback from both LCs.
Dave comments that no feedback is also a form of feedback.
Daniel was worried because past votes have been postponed due to a lack of feedback; Dave doesn't think it's a necessity, but sometimes the silence is a cause for concern. Kev seconds that a lack of feedback suggests something shouldn't be advanced, but if it's likely that feedback just needs to be encouraged then the vote can be delayed; and there was already a lot of feedback from the last LC.
Sam and Kev agree that it's worth poking to see if there is further feedback.

4) Close
Dave apologises for the somewhat useless meeting.

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