[Standards] the meaning of "MUST be empty"

Bartłomiej Górny bartlomiej.gorny at erlang-solutions.com
Tue Jun 19 11:09:53 UTC 2018


If a XEP states that an attribute "MUST be empty", does it mean that it:
a) must be present and have a value ""
b) must not be there
c) can be either of the two

The question arose because of XEP-0313, which in point 5.1.2 says:

     "When sending out the archives to a requesting client,
     the 'to' of the forwarded stanza MUST be empty"

and then gives an example where forwarded stanzas have no 'to' 
attribute. We just hit a situation where there are conflicting 
implementations, and we want to sort it out The Right Way, hence the 


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