[Standards] XMPP Council Minutes 2018-06-27

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Thu Jun 28 16:19:23 UTC 2018


1) Baps
Present: Georg, Kev, Daniel, Sam
Apologies: Dave

2) Agenda Bashing
Georg mutters something, possibly in German, that sounds a lot like "compression" - Kev requests elaboration.
Georg thinks the reasons for considering Stream Compression insecure should be revised, and the XEP fixed to make compression great again.
Georg says that LZW is due for deprecation because of a lack of security in compression; Kev adds that it's probably unused, and so would be easier to deprecate (than XEP-0138). Georg questions the use of LZW as a Stream Compression method, and ponders adding LZMA or Brotli as methods.
Georg vaguely remembers the initial CFE discussion, and that all compression was considered flawed, but discussion on the Standards mailing list suggests compression is a useful feature, so it may be better to address the security issues instead of killing LZW. Kev thinks that was pretty much the conclusion from last week's meeting.
Georg asks whether LZW is widely deployed - Kev doesn't think so.
Kev thinks compression should be fixed, and then LZW's status can be reconsidered.
Georg 'votes' not to change anything right now.

3) Date of Next
2017-07-04 1500 UTC seems okay - Georg shrugs; Daniel might be on a train or tram, or possibly a canoe.

4) AOB?
Georg asks about pending votes, and notes he may narrowly miss the two week deadline - Kev says they can be given now or on list - Georg thinks on list is more practical.

Kev thinks that's it, unless somebody shouts the word "imminently" - nobody does.

5) Close
Kev thanks all, and ganbs the vagel.

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