[Standards] xep-0313 missing features

Lazar Otasevic redhotbits at gmail.com
Sat Mar 3 22:53:21 UTC 2018

Hi, I think I miss some features here:

1. fetching messages by giving a set of ids, also similar like xep-013

Fetching message by id(s) is needed  for example when i have a custom push
notification with a given message id(s) and client needs to get that one
message asap and show it in the chat.

2. fetching message ids instead of entire messages, similar like "message
headers" in xep-013

Fetching just message ids is harder to explain why its needed, but I think
its a must have if one wants to make an efficient and reliable local
message archive synced with server archive, and to make it as separate
module independent from the rest of the client. Basically by fetching
message ids we try to detect "holes" in our local archive and then we fill
that holes by doing step 1. I think this is a standard way of doing the
sync algorithm, and its mind boggling why its not here in MAM already.

Is it possible to make it into reality and what would be the next steps
from my side?

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