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Gerion Entrup gerion.entrup at flump.de
Sun Mar 4 09:29:02 UTC 2018


I'm a user of XMPP and have very mixed experiences with different clients.

There are clients that do very well and implement a lot of availabe XEPs, but 
other clients only implement a fraction of available XEPs. The XEPs are 
optional, if I get it right, but the user experience varies a lot with 
dfferent set of XEPs.

I found it difficult to get a list of supported XEPs by client and it is time 
consuming to understand what XEPs are for what feature. So a propasal I have 
is to do releases (of the standard).

A release contains a set of new (final) XEPs and a list of obsolete XEPs and 
all clients and servers that support XMPP version X have to implement this 

That would allow users to see, what a client is capable of. That would also 
allow client to show a message to there users about the client on the other 
end does not support XMPP version X and so there are some features that are 
not supported. Or show a message in a client if the server does not support a 
current version. This also adds the abbility to generate some easy press 
coverage about the state of XMPP.

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