[Standards] Call for Experience: XEP-0048: Bookmarks

Jonas Wielicki jonas at wielicki.name
Thu Mar 8 07:22:32 UTC 2018

On Donnerstag, 8. März 2018 07:38:42 CET Daniel Gultsch wrote:
> It feels a bit sad that we aren't able to advance a XEP that is widely
> deployed (in a way) but I think it is just too late.

Can’t we revert to XEP-0049 (if no other XEP-0223 implementations show up), 
advance *that* to final and make a new thing properly based on XEP-0223, with 
multi-item layout and fancy stuff? I would love if we could take that 
opportunity to add roster-like groups to bookmarks.

This would also solve the documentation issue regarding XEP-0049 usage in this 
XEP which also has been brought up. Not sure if this is cannons against 
sparrows here, just throwing an idea into the room.

kind regards,
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