[Standards] XEP-0394: too weak to replace XEP-0071

Daniel Gultsch daniel at gultsch.de
Thu Mar 15 13:02:41 UTC 2018

What intrigues me on something markdown ish (albeit probably something
more than Styling currently has to offer) are its limitations.
Particularity no color (that will never work in a federated
environment where you don't know the design language and color scheme
of the receiving application) and the lack of tables and such (tables
will never work if you don't know the size of the displaying device)
If we want to go with something more xml~ish I would prefer to
annotate meaning (headline, importance, et al) instead of the
availibilty of color and absolute font sizes and font family was
something that annoyed me the most in XHTML-IM (despite the security
flaws in the implementations)

2018-03-15 13:44 GMT+01:00 Jonas Wielicki <jonas at wielicki.name>:
> On Donnerstag, 15. März 2018 13:36:50 CET VanitasVitae wrote:
>> I would claim that a huge part of XMPP nowadays happens on mobile devices
>> and I haven't seen a single rich text editor in any mobile application.
>> Thats why I think that markdown is the way to go.
>> Sending greeting cards in html sounds like an idea from the 90s to me (not
>> saying that it isn't a usecase, I just haven't come across it yet).
> I’m going to repeat why I think that Markdown-ish things aren’t enough: There
> is interest especially in the kind of groups which would use Slack or
> Mattermost to have rich-text messages. Those are usually not generated by
> users, but by automated systems (for example monitoring). I’m not saying that
> we should slap a rich-text editor in front of a user (even though I certainly
> won’t stop anybody). I’m also saying that '393 is a really good input format,
> which is why I want to make '394 compatible to that (as mentioned in the
> threads back then).
> kind regards,
> Jonas
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