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>>  4. Using different fonts, font sizes and colors, for the same as in 3
>>     or as parts of congratulation cards: ~3%.

> This is an anti-pattern. It's bad for users and bad for accessibility. There is a reason most
> modern messaging systems leave it out. If I have a black background and you send me
> messages with your text color set to black, I can no longer read it. If you set your font to be
> tiny and I'm hard of seeing, I can no longer read it. If you set it to be huge and I'm on my
> phone, it takes up half the screen and I'm annoyed. etc.

I agree with not supporting explicit font faces and sizes, also background colouring, but text colour can be used to convey useful information. Of course this could be abused, but so could many other features.

A receiving client should give its user the option to not display such coloring - this is necessary for vision limitations, colour-blindness, and plain annoyance - but that's not a reason to throw away the feature entirely; I think it is a desirable feature for many users.

For displaying coloured text on a badly contrasting background, e.g. white text on a white background, this can easily be handled intelligently by the receiving client: the client knows its own background colour, so if receiving white text it can either display this as light grey text or simply ignore the colouring entirely.

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