[Standards] Bookmarks 2 : Age of Ultron

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Sun Mar 18 10:41:27 UTC 2018


Jan-Carel Brand and I were idly discussing how complicated the interplay
was between XEP-0048 1.0 (Historical/Active - single storage element,
multiple bookmarks), XEP-0048 1.1 (Standards Track/Draft - single item,
multiple bookmarks), XEP-0049 (multiple storage elements), and XEP-0223
(multiple items).

Matthew Miller helpfully told me that the single item in XEP-0048 1.1 was
actually my fault, albeit in absentia at the Bunker Summit. If so I can
only apologise for the mess we're in.

JC and I came to the conclusion that a viable path out of the mess would be
to create a new, sane, Bookmarks XEP and migrate properly to it, once and
for all, deprecating XEP-0048.

We've written a new specification that is hopefully exactly what you'd
expect, and submitted it as a new ProtoXEP.

Feedback welcome.

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