[Standards] XMPP Extension Editor

Jonas Wielicki jonas at wielicki.name
Tue Mar 20 07:30:28 UTC 2018

Hi Ludovic,

On Montag, 19. März 2018 22:19:26 CET Ludovic BOCQUET wrote:
> I have known the "XMPP Extention Editor" with editor at xmpp.org email
> address, but "recently" I have seen some editors with his personal email
> address and with "XSF Editor" in sender name and without too.

Yes, this is true. The reason is that the editor emails are now sent from 
private machines instead of the XSF servers. Thus we cannot really use 
@xmpp.org addresses. I use the "Jonas Wielicki (XSF Editor)" alias when 
sending such "automated" emails.

> I think that a lot of people have rules and search emails in inbox...

For this reason, all emails sent with the (new) editor tooling have several 
headers which identify them as XEP announcements. I suggest to filter on the 
presence of the XSF-XEP-Number header. 

> It will be good to have only one solution.

Hopefully, in addition to the headers, we can go back to sending emails from 
editor@ at some point, at least for automatable announcements like XEP 

kind regards,
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