[Standards] user is set online on input without unlocking the device

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Wed Mar 21 10:54:18 UTC 2018

On 21 March 2018 at 10:37, <jm+xmppstandards at roth.lu> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I was having a discussion with one of our software vendors about their
> implementation of the XMPP protocol.
> The discussion was about being "idle" or "away". In fact, their client
> puts users in an "away" state after some time. So far, so good. However,
> when Windows / the desktop is locked, it suffices to move the mouse or
> touch some key on the keyboard and their client shows the user as online
> again without them actually having logged in.

So moving the mouse on the lock screen without unlocking switches the
<show/> off? That would seem to be wrong, but note that the presence
<show/> state is really a quality of implementation issue (ie, you can do
it "Wrong", but it's still interoperable).

> Now they claim that is ok with the RFC, and are referencing "4.6. Handling
> of Silent Peers" in RFC 6120.

As I say, the RFC doesn't say much about this, and certainly not *anywhere*
in RFC 6120, which concerns itself with the low-level stream handling. 4.6
is to do with TCP sessions going awry, and nothing at all to do with user

The <show/> element which controls the "idle", "away" etc state visible in
presence is covered in RFC 6121 §, and doesn't discuss anything more
than syntax and semantic meaning. XEP-0319 has a bit more on idle, but
still doesn't say what "interaction" really means. I don't think it needs
to, but still, a cat walking across a locked keyboard probably shouldn't

> What do you think?
> (Hope this is the right place to ask, looking at
> xmpp.org/community/mailing-lists.html, "general discussion about XMPP
> protocols" fits best)
> Thanks.
> Marki
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