[Standards] Proposed XMPP Extension: Bookmarks 2 (This Time it's Serious)

Matthew Wild mwild1 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 22 07:36:10 UTC 2018

On 21 March 2018 at 18:37, Jonas Wielicki <jonas at wielicki.name> wrote:
> On Mittwoch, 21. März 2018 18:07:53 CET Sam Whited wrote:
>> On Wed, Mar 21, 2018, at 12:01, Kevin Smith wrote:
>> > I’d argue (and did at the Summit) that the opposite is true and that if
>> > we want (especially impromptu) MUC to start working nicely across
>> > multiple accounts we need clients to react to the user leaving rooms
>> > manually by disabling the autojoin and then having other clients leave
>> > as well. They only joined because the autoflag was set, so isn’t it
>> > logical for them to leave when it’s no longer set?
>> I agree with this; when I do something on one client, I almost always want
>> it synced to my other clients. Room joining and parting is the same.
>> Similarly, just because my connection dropped and came back up a moment
>> later doesn't mean I should suddenly not be joined to rooms anymore.
> This is what I meant primarily, sorry. I was unclear.
>> If I'm
>> in a room, I should autojoin it from all my clients on startup,
> Now, I disagree here. I have several rooms which I don’t want on my mobile
> device for battery reasons (my go-to example is #openstack on
> irc.freenode.net). But I have multiple desktop-like devices which I would like
> to join and leave those rooms synchronously.

> But as it was said elsewhere, I guess this can very well be solved with per-
> device-class (notification) settings plus CSI.

I really don't think we should go down the road of trying to define
"device classes". This will only end up with a complex protocol and
complex UIs in clients.

As per the logic described in my previous email, you can either set
autojoin and explicitly leave the room on your mobile when it
autojoins - the client should remember that you left, and this should
override the bookmark - why would e.g. the mobile OS killing the app
in the background and auto-restarting it cause you to rejoin rooms
that you left? As I mentioned, I think "autojoin" is the wrong name or
the wrong concept for what we ought to be discussing.

Alternatively for your case you can join on one of your desktop
clients, choose not to have all your clients join (i.e. don't set
autojoin), and then manually join it from your other desktop clients -
in the room join dialog, they should let you select from your


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