[Standards] XMPP Council Minutes 2018-03-28

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Thu Mar 29 18:46:17 UTC 2018


1) Role Call
Present: Kev, Dave, Daniel, Sam, Georg

2) Minutes
'Dave' will do them this week..

3) Agenda Bashing
Dave thinks there is just the Advancement of XEP-0092 and XEP-0122, plus outstanding votes from last week; there are no objections.

4) Advance XEP-0122: Data Forms Validation - https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0122.html
After a thorough review, Kev feels it's close to being ready, but not quite.
Dave isn't sure it has the required 2+ implementations, and only knows of one; Kev notes Smack, eyeCU, and Vacuum-IM. Georg wishes there were more details than just the software name.
Sam thinks 0122 is too complicated and wouldn't implement it, but wouldn't block it on those grounds.
Kev suspects that existing implementations are probably non-compliant because of a silly SHOULD; and also thinks that implementation in a library shouldn't count if that library isn't actually used.
Sam agrees it's not ready yet.
Dave wouldn't actively support advancement, but wouldn't block either.
Sam thinks it should be deprecated - Dave is fiercely against this (it's actively used and seeing value.)
Daniel leans towards +1, with Kev's suggested clean up.
Kev thinks it should be advanced after another edit pass (and confirm implementations are actually compliant with the probably-daft SHOULD.)

Dave: -0
Daniel: +1
Sam: -0
Kev: -1 (a current-state rather than principle vote)
Georg: +0 (because of what Kev said)

Georg should ask Konstantin exactly how it is used in eyeCU.

5) XEP-0092: Software Version - https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0092.html

Kev mockingly quips that he's not sure this has the implementations.

Kev: +1
Georg: +1
Sam: +1 (seems relatively straight forward, have used it before and found it strictly "good enough")
Daniel: +1
Dave: -1 (security concerns)

Dave notes that Matthew Miller told him Cisco's implementation is very strict in how (and if) it responds.
Dave undertakes to fix the wording, i.e. note that it might give sensitive information, so implementations might choose to respond with service-unavailable.

6) Outstanding Votes
See: The Council Spreadsheet of Doom - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1AZ-Sna6OiRG--b-mJMKv3XXfrn3Nehm0kAtlyJvImL0/edit

Daniel will make last week's missing votes on-list. [Done: https://mail.jabber.org/pipermail/standards/2018-March/034730.html]

Regarding PRs #591 and #598 (changes to XEP-0050): Kev has yet to sort this out, but everyone was encouraged to go read and understand the issue. Georg and Sam were waiting on Kev to work some magic.

7) AOB

8) Next meeting
2018-04-04: 1500 UTC (10:00 CDT; 11:00 EDT; 16:00 BST; 17:00 CEST; 18:00 UTC+3).

9) Ite, Meeting Est.
Thanks all.

Guus asks if someone could adjust the calendar item for the council meetings, as it's currently scheduled for one hour late (due to daylight saving time.)

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