[Standards] Council Agenda 2018-05-09

Travis Burtrum travis at burtrum.org
Wed May 9 13:00:44 UTC 2018


On 05/09/2018 06:58 AM, Dave Cridland wrote:
> 3) Adopt Proposed new XEP: XMPP Connections across HTTPS (HACX)
> Title: XMPP Connections across HTTPS (HACX)
> Abstract:
> This specification defines a procedure to look up various connection
> methods for an XMPP server over HTTPS, with a focus on censorship
> resistance.
> URL: https://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/hacx.html

So from the last email on that chain from MattJ I discovered that not
only HACX but also XEP-0368 is formatted incorrectly and has
mis-interpreted the Requirements section.  I plan to address this (at
least for HACX) and list out all of the alternatives considered and why
they were not sufficient, but haven't got to yet.

All that to say, I'm fine if you put off considering it until next week
when those issues are fixed.


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