[Standards] Thoughts on MIX adoption (and will MIX ever happen?)

Daniel Gultsch daniel at gultsch.de
Thu May 10 09:21:43 UTC 2018

2018-05-10 10:59 GMT+02:00 Philipp Hörist <philipp at hoerist.com>:
> Im interested in implementing it in Gajim
> It would be nice if someone could share the domains where a server
> runs that offers some kind of MIX impl.

Yeah if isode could make a mix server publicly available that would
certainly make the chicken/egg situation a bit easier.

What worries me about MIX is that it looks like such a big spec that
no body is going to implement fully that years from now we are still
going to find 'bugs' in the XEP. Like we recently found 'bugs' (under
specified things) in PubSub and that XEP is 15+ years old.
I’m not sure if there is even a 'complete' pubsub implementation out
there. And if we know that the XEP isn’t going to be implemented fully
I don’t understand why we are not splitting this into several smaller

I might be wrong about that but this is how I *feel* as a client developer.

I’m certainly interested in MIX in that I think we need the account
model and the better archive management.
But why not put the account model + basic message sending receiving in
a base XEP and do everything in separate XEPs?

If we can get people to implement those two things (I don’t even think
we need presence) this will already be a huge step forward for a more
modern group chat. And that doesn’t feel as overwhelming as having to
read a full MIX spec.


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