[Standards] Disappearing timers for OMEMO proposal

Philipp Hörist philipp at hoerist.com
Thu May 10 12:44:51 UTC 2018

Thats why he wrote, it should only available for encrypted messages,
because we have no way to delete messages from an archive.

Also you can not decrypt OMEMO encrypted messages a second time, so if
you delete the message once from your device, its gone for good.

The idea in combination with OMEMO, minus all the proposed "try to
determine support on the other side" would be easy to implement and
would work


2018-05-10 14:36 GMT+02:00 Ненахов Андрей <andrew.nenakhov at redsolution.ru>:
> 2018-05-10 17:31 GMT+05:00 VanitasVitae <vanitasvitae at riseup.net>:
>> I'd also rather not tie it to OMEMO.
> By the way ,self-destructing messages should also be deleted from
> message archives on both sender and recipients servers. For e2ee
> messages one can argue that it's not really important if messages are
> not deleted from server, however, it's just yet another way to make
> such 'ephemeral' messages reappear on recipient's device - just by
> reading from archive.
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