[Standards] Disappearing timers for OMEMO proposal

Ненахов Андрей andrew.nenakhov at redsolution.ru
Thu May 10 13:18:21 UTC 2018

2018-05-10 18:12 GMT+05:00 Philipp Hörist <philipp at hoerist.com>:
>> Why can't you decrypt OMEMO messages a second time? If you keep keys,
> what would stop you?
> then you implemented the signal protocol in a wrong way and you lose
> forward secrecy

Forward secrecy is a joke. As are functions that depend on correct
implementation by remote party. You send message, then you never have
any control over it. You might pretend that you do, but it would be
just fooling yourself.

>> yes, and I'd rather start with adding capability to delete messages from server.
> then do this, a call to the archive to delete a message can always be
> added to a xep like that at a later point.

Actually we do have such mod for ejabberd working.

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