[Standards] Taking a Machete to MIX

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Proper review clearly needs looking at all the docs.


Here is how I arrived at eight.


The intent is that MIX-CORE provides a framework and simply allows message
distribution.   It was clear from comments that messages-only is useful.  I
think that reviewing MIX-CORE independently to see that it can achieve this
goal without undue complexity will be helpful.


MIX-PAM is needed  as messages and presence go to bare JID, and there has to
be distribution of messages to clients.  Note that MIX-PAM and MIX-CORE can
be on different servers.  Not essential for any server to implement both.


RELIABLE-DELIVERY was split out a couple of updates back.


MIX-PRESENCE, MIX-ANON, and MIX-MUC seem like sensible optional blocks.


MIX-MISC is holding six small independent bits - I thought 13 XEPs would be







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Fist impression: eight is a lot! (There's a lot of functionality to cover, I

I presume the intention of splitting up MIX is to make it easier to both
understand and implement, however, purely separating a large document into
multiple smaller ones doesn't immediately achieve this (it just means you
have to read several smaller documents instead of one big one.) Not to say
that's all you've actually done, but it's hard to tell from this summary.

I'd expect 'Core' to contain all of the necessary/mandatory functionality,
and then the additional satellite documents contain the
nice-to-have-but-essentially-optional features. Which may well be the case,
but it says that 'PAM' is mandatory, while 'Presence' is optional, and the
rest are ...?

My point is that it's difficult to tell what's mandatory and what's
optional, and so it's still going to require combing through all eight
documents first to find out what's necessary and second to decide what's

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