[Standards] Table to clarify MIX optional/mandatory

Steve Kille steve.kille at isode.com
Thu May 24 06:58:46 UTC 2018


Table seems like a good idea.   I will add this.

I have a PR outstanding (couple of edits that Martin Borgert kindly pointed out).    Would you like to incorporate this, or shall I do the table edit so that it gets included in the current PR?


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> On Montag, 21. Mai 2018 18:06:30 CEST Tedd Sterr wrote:
> > My point is that it's difficult to tell what's mandatory and what's
> > optional, and so it's still going to require combing through all eight
> > documents first to find out what's necessary and second to decide
> > what's desirable.
> I’ve heard this from a few places now. Maybe we can have a table in XEP-0369
> (or maybe even all of them), prominently at the top before going too deep in
> any technicalities or background, which clearly states for each XEP where it is
> {mandatory,recommended,optional}-to-implement?
> Like:
> XEP-0369:
> - User server: not needed
> - MIX server: REQUIRED
> - Client: REQUIRED
> XEP-0405:
> - User server: REQUIRED
> - MIX server: not needed
> - Client: REQUIRED (needs to support the IQ protocol to join a MIX)
> etc. (in table form of course because that’s easier to digest; but tables are hard
> in emails)
> kind regards,
> Jonas

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